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More exposed than naked!

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Here’s Luna Lynch!

Mmmmm school girl outfits! What fun!

So cute

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some helpful reminders about sex workers ♥

If sex workers aren’t selling their bodies, what are they selling?

their time, the sexual experience that they’re having/creating, and the products that they create.

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that sheer jacket thing, wow
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that sheer jacket thing, wow

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Jada Fire showin her big TITS and suckin and Fuckin

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Re: Detroit Trip

I got to see ER’BODY (especially Ms Tee)! The Detroit Black Munch was off the chain! The play party had a bomb ass sound track. I met tons of nasty ass Black people! Then I got a private tour of the city starting with the Charles H. Wright African American History Museum and ending with a Coney Island hotdog. I thought Baltimore had Black people but I was here for three days before I saw a white person. I saw entire neighborhoods of mini mansions with Black people living in them. And even in the hood, everyone had detached houses. I saw lots of big booty in spandex. Auto shops and Church’s chicken everywhere. I love you Detroit. I’m pretty sure Detroit loves me back since everyone kept asking, “So… when are you moving here?”

Can’t wait to see most of y’all in August. :)

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You owe it to your pussy to get fucked right.

For real!! ^^


True shit

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My kind of super-hero
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My kind of super-hero

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I updated my profile and I’m posting here in case y’all wanna know who runs this blog

Jakigriot on Fetlife:

I’m a Black gay-as-fuck feminist pervert of color with a passion for alternative sexuality and getting my rocks off. I am an aggressive optimist and laughter is a part of my process. My Dominant keeps me focused. My Leather family protects me. My best friend keeps me grounded. My puppy keeps me excited. I feel loved in complete totality.

I’m an extrovert who genuinely enjoys meeting new people for engaging, filthy conversations but I want to know we have something in common beside mutual horniess. I’d love to meet a Black kinky woman (including trans women) who is polyamorous and interested in companionship with hot sex and hard play. I’m primarily attracted to intelligence and my biggest turn on is dirty talk. I’m a bootysexual which means I don’t care what your front parts look like because I’m probably checking out your ass.

I am an adult sex educator and Ms. Jaki, Switchinatrix (for professional domination sessions). **Contact me at about booking my adult sex ed classes, private parties and Professional Black Domination.**

I’m a Jaki-of-many trades. Among other things, I am a griot (storyteller). In West African oral tradition, a griot is a collector and a historian that delivers poetry, music, social commentary and stories to the people. My life dream is to own/operate a POC run sex-positive community center for LGBTQ people (and their families/allies). Then I can help my various communities, make a living and have a safe space to call my home. ‘Til then, I gotta go make this paper the old fashioned way.

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I’m going to hop on this plane to see my Dominant, Ms Tee!

Then we are attending DBM (Detroit Black Munch). If you live there, visit the group FetLife page:

Detroit peeps: There is also a play party!!!!!!!!!!! Come hang with us!

I am so goddamn lucky! ER’BODY BE JEALOUS.

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