This is a place for all Perverts of Color to mingle, flirt, share stories, complain, and fight for our right to be kinky. Assume everything here is NSFW. I have a life offline so if you have an issue, email me.

More Like Us (MLU)

More Like Us (MLU) is a nationwide TNG (the next generation) group where all people of color between the ages of 18-35 years old are welcome to network with fellow kinksters involved in the BDSM, Leather, Kink and Fetish communities. Our mission is to provide resources, sexual education, unity, and social opportunities for like-minded adults to find each other. We are inclusive of all gender and sexual minorities, however in order to be a member you must be between 18-35 years old and adhere to and respect the focus of our group.

Join on Fetlife and introduce yourself!

Happy 30th! I'll be joining this secret club in a mere three weeks. Please let me know if there are cookies, as promised by others from this secret club. Otherwise, I have three weeks to strike. Be my secret spy! Best of luck in this new quest. ♥

I received secret instructions on my 30th. It said, “You officially don’t have to give a fuck anymore.”

And the cookies were delicious!